Customer-source your selling strategy – and increase sales

April 19, 2016


Your customers have unique viewpoints
Your customers have unique viewpoints.


Your selling strategy is based on your observations and analysis. Yet its effectiveness will depend on how well your view reflects what your customers actually deal with in their business environment.

Your customers see different things than you do, and see them differently from their own vantage point.

They have their own view of

  • what their alternatives are
  • what your competitors are doing
  • how it matters to their business

They also know what they think of your competitors’ offers, and what they would like to see instead.

Most important, they are immersed in the business environment you are trying to understand. And you may be surprised by how much they will tell you if you ask them.

So go ahead, ask!

  • What are the biggest problems that companies in their line of business have to deal with?
  • What do they have to do exceptionally well to compete?
  • What has the biggest effect on their success?
  • What could their suppliers do, that would help them the most?

By asking, and paying attention to how you can help your customers compete in their business environment, you can differentiate yourself from your competition in ways that matter.

If your selling strategy is based on making your customers successful, and takes in to account their business environment and point of view, you have a built in advantage over competitors who do not take that extra step.

Result – you will increase the value of what you offer, your customers’ loyalty, your place in your market, and the value of your business.


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