How to get a powerful growth strategy from your customers

August 9, 2016

Have you ever been stuck for what to do next to grow your business?

We all know to listen to our customers. But what could we ask them, that we probably haven’t?

Details will vary from one business to another, but this usually applies: our customers can see things that matter to us, from their point of view, which we as their suppliers cannot see.

If we ask our key customers to put themselves in our shoes for a moment, they can help us help them better in return. They can often tell us what they would do to grow our business - including things which may not be apparent to us, nor to our competitors.

Create an opportunity to grow your business with insights your competitors won’t have.

Ask your customers: “If you were running our business, what would you do?” I guarantee you will hear something useful.

… then listen for a powerful strategy which may not have occurred to you.


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