Useful strategies

Embed your offering into your customer's business, to help them thrive

  • What do your customers and prospects have to do to survive?
    A small number of key things usually determine survival and growth for a business. Uncover and become part of what your customers need to do well to survive (article).

  • Learn how you fit into your customers' purpose and processes
    What are they trying to accomplish? What needs to happen before you enter their picture? What happens afterwards? When you know, you will be able to fit their purpose and their processes better and see where you have room to grow.

  • Find out what is broken in your customer's industry
    What doesn't really work well? What problems do their customers have to 'work around'?

    If you can give your customers a competitive advantage by helping them solve their customers' problems, and to increase their sales, they will be happy to see you profit as well.

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