Solve your sales barriers

Do some transactions stall during your sales process? 

Sales are lost when we can't see them from our customer's point of view. Here are three places to check:

1. Strategic fit

Does your offering help your customer with their main strategy, goals, survival or reason for existence? 

2. Operational fit

Your offering helps your customer be better at something they do, provides benefits to them or solves a problem they face, and is not at odds with how they do things which are important to them. This is where most sales efforts are often focused.

3. Personal fit  (too often ignored…)

Fit at the personal level can touch in many places, from organizational culture to the impact of the planned changes on everyone who will be affected.

Hidden effects of proposed changes to operations, work processes and technology can stress employees at all levels, and cause open or hidden resistance to them among...

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Gain a competitive advantage 

As you uncover barriers which are blocking your sales, you will be in a better position to deal with them - in your proposals to your prospects, and in your selling process. 

Do not lose sales you should have closed.


> speed up your sales cycle